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“I formulated Ocimums Mukta Vati with key blend of 4,000-year-old herbal secrets to help normalize blood pressure.” -Dr. Rajesh Nair

Mukta Vati has been used to treat high blood pressure in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. It has no side effects, but some people complain of nasal congestion. That’s why Dr. Rajesh Nair blended additional herbs to combat this slight discomfort fort users complain about other brands.

​Cardio Health Herb Withania Powder is used in traditional medicine as well as documented in ancient Indian medical texts. One of the many benefits is it helps combat stress related hypertension

​​​​​Cardio Health Herb Vitis vinifera is a wild grape native to the Mediterranean and southwestern Asia. It helps increase blood flow and lowers cholesterol.

Cardio Health Herb Holoptelea integrifolia has a wide range of pharmacological properties including treating inflammation

​Cardio Health Herb Terminalia arjuna has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda. It is known as a cardioprotective agent.

Cardio Health Herb Zingiber officinale, known as ginger, has its anti blood clotting properties and heart attack and stroke prevention.

​Cardio Health Herb Piper nigrum has antioxidant properties known to help with heart disease.

Cardio Health Herb Piper longum helps with heart disorders and reduces congestion

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Eminent holistic healer, Dr. Rajesh Nair, BAMS of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery from prestigious Vaidyaratnam AyurvedaCollege of University of Calicut, continues to uncover previously lost herbal remedies for natural, safe healing.In practice for 18 years, his pioneering work helping 5,000 patients has been reported in such leading publications as Vaidya and Live Journal.Often he is an invited speaker at the Ayurveda Centre, Hockenheim, Germany and has led numerous seminars for the Ayurveda Medical Association of India.Dr. Nair feels too people needlessly suffer from high blood pressure or worse, endure harmful side-effects of expensive drugs, and works to rediscover time-tested herbal remedies to normalize blood pressure.

The only Mukta Vati formula with 11 essential herbs proven to help combat stress, fight inflammation, protect your cardiovascular system and reduce congestion!